Best motorcycle jackets tried and tested 


After a helmet, the most obvious piece of kit that bikers wear is a good motorcycle jacket. Motorcyclists have been wearing leather jackets ever since riders first discovered that cow hide was better at resisting damage than tweed. Things have come along way since then…

From the fairly basic all-black jackets riders worn by the Rockers in the 1960s (black to hide the oil spots as the bikes’ engines were generally far from oil-tight), we now have multi-coloured jackets in a huge variety of different shapes, styles and colours, covering everything from casual to full on touring. Garments are available that are specifically designed for summer or winter, and there are even a few options that include the latest airbag protective technology.

About motorcycle jackets

For many riders a leather jacket simply isn’t practical, which is where textile jackets come in. Textiles are not only generally lighter than leather, but they can also be waterproof and breathable, meaning they are better options for those looking to cover big miles in comfort. And again, like leather jackets, they come in a huge variety of styles, from adventure to sporty, in short and long lengths, and lots of different colours.

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