SMK Allterra Solid Helmet Hands-On Review

Review Summary

  • At $130 USD, SMK’s Allterra helmet is budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for consumers who are mindful of their wallets.
  • The helmet excels in providing excellent ventilation, ensuring that wearers stay comfortable and sweat-free. It also has a manageable weight that makes it easy to wear and carry.
  • The helmet can stand to have some improved safety features such as the inclusion of EMT emergency straps and improving the durability of the shell material.
  • While DOT and ECE certified, the SMK shell is much more malleable compared to other helmets in the segment such as the Bell Spherical 10. A redesign to include better strength-to-weight ratio would be of benefit.

The SMK Brand

SMK stands for Sidhartha Madhu Khurana, a brand of their parent Studds Accessories, first established in 1973. This up-and-coming brand specializes in helmets designed in Italy but manufactured in India. They ship globally and are looking to expand as they feature helmets in every disciple of riding. Though relatively new to the U.S. market, this brand has distributed over seven million helmets in the last five decades. They may have started in a garage in India, but they’re now in production with the best.

Small in start but big in heart, let’s see how this grassroots company fairs for the off-road with their Allterra helmet against tried and true Spherical 10 by Bell.

Everything is Relative

Though we’ve dug up an evened-out list of goodies from what the Allterra offers, we did want to keep things objective that we are still comparing two completely different brands. However, Knowing that Bell is a seasoned fighter in the octagon of gear, I didn’t pick it to bury SMK but to compare what they are competing within the U.S. market, and that’s a favorite. Seeing the similarities excites me for the Allterra, and the difference made it an excellent source for new opportunities to level up in the trade.

We also want to recognize that the price range for each helmet varies greatly and we can reasonably say the features do too. SMK prices their off-road helmet at 129.99$ and the Bell at a whopping 850.00$. That said, SMK claims their helmets still encompass everything their competition does with quality, safety, comfort, and design but on a budget. So let’s enter the octagon and see if it does.

Side profile of Bell Spherical 10
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