Alpinestars J-6 Shoes Review [Not Just Made For Urban Riding]

I’ve never thought of myself as a shoe person. I’m not one of those women with a closetful of shoes for every occasion. However, I have noticed that the bottom of my closet is getting overrun with Alpinestars riding shoes. I find myself going to the Italian company’s website to peruse the options I haven’t yet reviewed. This brings me to Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof Shoes—so super-comfortable, so casually cool, and so practical for everyday commuting and work wear.

Alpinestars J-6 Shoes Review: Technical Motorcycle Footwear

Let’s start with protection because, as much as I love Alpinestars’ style, I wouldn’t wear footwear that doesn’t have basic protection while riding; I’m not wearing my high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars on my commute to work. Of course, the J-6 is not a riding boot—it’s technical footwear. It is a CE-rated riding shoe with protection at the ankle and heel. If I take a tumble on the street, my feet are significantly more protected than if I were wearing sneakers.

While there’s no toe-shifter reinforcement on the J-6, the full-grain leather chassis is substantial, and I’ve never experienced any discomfort when shifting on a wide variety of test bikes. Amazingly, the J-6 hasn’t developed any specific wear in this area, so the lack of a shifter pad is not an issue. The J-6s keep looking like the stylish, under-the-radar motorcycle riding shoes that they are.

Alpinestars J-6 Shoes Review: Technical Motorcycle Shoes

It’s easy to slide your soxxed feet into the Alpinestars J-6 with its smooth interior lining; once there, my feet feel absolutely coddled. The tongue and ankle collar are thickly padded without being bulky.

Once I’ve tightened and tied the flat laces—two thumbs up for pairing the J-6s with flat laces, instead of round laces, which never stay tied—my feet feel protected, and I’m ready to roll.

The rubber sole provides good traction on the pegs, and there’s no slipping when putting my foot down at a stop or paddling the bike in a parking lot.

Alpinestars J-6 Shoes Review: MSRP

The Alpinestars J-6 is also a solid walking shoe with a flexible chassis that doesn’t chafe, even with the tall ankle profile. I reach for the J-6s most days, regardless of whether I plan on being on two wheels. While I can’t say I have walked more miles in my J-6s than ridden, they’ve definitely spent more time on pavement than pegs.

The J-6 Waterproof shoes keep your feet dry via an interior waterproof membrane. That also means the shoes are a bit warmer than non-WP shoes, so they will not be your go-to choice during the dog days of summer.

Alpinestars J-6 Shoes Review: For Sale

As always, Alpinestars has the aesthetics covered with detailing that elevates the design. The suede Achilles’ heel is a great look, and the embossed logo on the side of the shoe is stylish branding without being gaudy. The thin metal Alpinestars-branded plate on the upper tongue won’t ever be seen when you’re wearing your J-6s. A shiny detail, they’re covered by the tied laces and your pants’ cuffs.

The Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof shoe is a stylish, casual option for urban commutes and around-town spins. The fact that the J-6s can move effortlessly between the two environments is a testament to their comfort and functionality. They also get a fair number of favorable comments from my non-motorcycling friends, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

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