These ‘shorty’ gloves are a great winter option that won’t break the bank 

– Good value – Comfortable – Seem built to last

– Colour washed onto skin in wet weather

Key features

  • Kangaroo leather
  • Carbon knuckle protector
  • Aramid stitching

Price: £79.99

When the weather’s warmer, short gloves provide a great way of keeping cool. I’ve been testing RST’s Tractech Evo 4 Short leather gloves through summer into autumn for several thousand hours of riding to see if they’re any good.

They look smart, and fresh out of the pack feel premium, mostly made from cowhide leather but with a kangaroo leather section on the palm. There’s armour for the fingers and a substantial carbon knuckle protector, and the whole lot is stitched together with Aramid fibres, known for strength. 

RST TracTech Evo 4 Short gloves - underside

There’s a sturdy-feeling palm slider which is neatly embossed with the RST logo, and inside, there’s a Kevlar lining to protect the top of your hands. We also like the 3D-effect RST logos dotted around the gloves – neat touches that smarten the gloves up nicely. 

As is commonly seen on motorcycle gloves, the little and ring fingers are conjoined to prevent the dreaded ‘finger roll’. The cuff is elasticated, but not tightly, with a velcro tab used to adjust the fit. The gloves provide CE Level 1 protection rather than Level 2, which is pretty normal at this price. 

I tested a size large, which fit as expected, and the gloves are easy to get on and off. Even on longer journeys, comfort hasn’t been an issue, with no awkward joins or rough stitching causing soreness. Your range of motion doesn’t feel significantly constructed with the gloves on, making for easy operation of your bike’s controls.

RST TracTech Evo 4 Short gloves - on rider

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