Gear Review: Harley-Davidson 12V Heated Jacket Liner, Gloves, Pants and Socks

2v Heated Gear Keeps You Riding Longer

Living in the Northeast, I deal with dropping temperatures as early as September which makes riding motorcycles uncomfortably cold. I get cranky when I have to add bulky layers to stay warm enough to continue riding until the snow falls. 12v heated gear plugged into a battery harness solves this problem, allowing me to ride all winter. I prefer 12v heated gear over 9V rechargeable battery-powered apparel which doesn’t get as hot or last long.

Heated motorcycle clothing made today is light years better than what I still have in my gear closet—time to upgrade! The newest 12v heated gear from Harley-Davidson is my choice for several reasons. First, the “Programmable” 12v heated gear includes built-in temperature controllers with three heat settings, eliminating the need to figure out where to put a separate thermostat. This Harley mid-layer gear is a lot less bulky than many other brands, and it comes in women’s sizes.

Harley-Davidson Programmable 12v heated gear

Harley’s “soup to nuts” Programmable 12v heated gear outfit includes a jacket liner, bottoms, glove liners, socks, and battery harness. All the pieces in this collection total $698 and connect to each other easily without wires sticking out all over. By the way, you can order this cute WRN Pom Pom beanie at our store here.

12v Programmable Heated Women’s Jacket Liner

I love it when a motorcycle jacket liner is designed to look good as a standalone jacket so you can use it off the bike, too. Harley-Davidson’s 12v Programmable heated women’s jacket liner is a perfect example of this. The super-soft polyester liner is comfy cozy and looks like a regular puffy winter jacket.

Five panels (two chest, back, and top of each sleeve) warm you via carbon nano fibers. This is today’s standard for electrically heated gear. Gone are the days of thick wires you can feel through the clothing. Carbon nano fiber is better because of its flexibility, light weight, tiny size, and uniform heating properties.

Harley-Davidson 12v Programmable jacket liner woman

The Programmable heated jacket liner is lightweight, soft, and super comfy. Stretchy panels in the sides ensure a good fit.

Harley-Davidson Programmable women's 12v jacket liner

Two zippered pockets in front keep your hands warm when off the bike and the zippered pockets on the sleeves house connections for the Programmable heated glove liners.

Harley-Davidson 12v Programable women's jacket liner temperature controller

The temperature controller is built into the jacket liner and controls the jacket and glove liners independently. When you unsnap it, a flap of material allows the controller to hang below the waistline.

The Harley-Davidson 12v Programmable heated women’s jacket liner costs $250 and comes in sizes XS-2XL. It comes with the battery harness that you attach to your motorcycle battery. An extra harness is $18.

12v Programmable Heated Glove Liners

12v heated gear generally includes bulky gloves that lack features I like on my favorite riding gloves. The Harley-Davidson Programmable heated glove liners are comfortably snug, plug directly into the Programmable jacket liner, and fit tight to my hands under my favorite full-featured winter riding gloves.

Harley-Davidson Programmable heated glove liners

The polyester/spandex glove liners plug right into the jacket’s harness connections on the sleeves. The temperature is adjusted with the jacket’s controller.

The heat is distributed in the material between the fingers and the back of the hand. Because it is a close fit and putting gloves over the liners make it even tighter, the heat is felt very quickly. I find that coupling the gloves with my bike’s heated grips keeps my entire hand nice and toasty.

Harley-Davidson 12v Programmable heated glove liners will only work with the Programmable jacket liner. They cost $100 and are offered in sizes S-2XL. I love the liners so much more than the heated gloves I’ve had in the past, I am kicking myself for not upgrading sooner!

12v Programmable Heated Women’s Bottoms

I’ve heard people say they only wear a heated jacket liner or vest because a well-warmed heart pumps the heated blood out to the rest of the body which warms the extremities. That’s a cute theory but tell that to my toes.

Wearing Harley’s 12v Programmable heated women’s bottoms and Programmable heated sock liners complete the 12v heated gear outfit, keeping you comfy the entire ride. Made of nylon, polyester, and spandex, the stretchy bottoms pull on easily. With a jeans-like cut, the bottoms include two pockets and a zipper/button closure. A partially elasticized waist allows some stretch without resistance.

Heat panels on each leg and the back of the waist are controlled with the attached temperature controller. It looks almost identical to the one on the jacket liner, only this one says “socks” and “pants.” Like the other pieces in the Programmable collection, the bottoms don’t offer any crash protection, so you need to wear protective riding pants over them. You can wear the bottoms over a thin base layer or directly against your skin.

Harley-Davidson 12v Programmable heated pant liner pockets

It’s nice to have pockets to put things like money, tissues, or keys in for when wearing the bottoms as pants once at your destination.

The 12v bottoms cost $230 and come in sizes XS-2XL. I ordered my usual size and found them to be extra roomy, especially in the waist which makes them fall down when I walk. Sadly, there are no belt loops or any way to cinch them up.

12v Programmable Sock Liners

The $100 Harley-Davidson Programmable heated sock liners complete the outfit and come in sizes S-2XL. The thin polyester/spandex knee-highs don’t add much bulk but offer an endless amount of warmth. They can be worn directly over the skin, but to keep them as clean as possible and reduce how much I need to wash them, I wear them over my normal socks.

Harley-Davidson 12v heated socks

With the bottoms on and the sock harnesses ready to connect, you can begin pulling on the sock liners. Before you pull them up, plug them in.

Harley-Davidson heated socks

This is what they look like when they are pulled all the way up. The heating panel is on the top of the foot.

Harley-Davidson 12v heated Programmable jacket pant sock glove liner woman rider Tricia Szulewski

The 12v Harley-Davidson Programmable jacket liner, bottoms, and socks are a comfortable base or mid layer. I should have gone down one size in the pants.

Adjusting the Heat

It is recommended to wear just a light under layer between your skin and heated gear—you want the heating elements close to your skin so you can feel the warmth. Wearing the jacket and pant liners under my favorite armored textile riding gear isn’t nearly as bulky as my older heated clothing. I no longer feel thick wires, either, as the carbon nano technology sends the heat through much thinner “threads.”

The three levels of heat offer just what I need without over-complicating things. I sometimes need to pull over to adjust the heat settings though, since using the temperature controller at speed isn’t easy or safe.

Harley-Davidson 12v heated programmable gear temperature controller

The temperature controller is built into a tab attached to the inside of the jacket. A simple press on the round “poker chip” selects the next setting (low, medium, high, and off).

Harley-Davidson 12v heated gear programmable temperature controller

I love that there’s no separate external controller but looking down to see it while riding is almost impossible and dangerous. So, I always get it set up before moving out.

Even though adjusting the heat settings can be tricky, I love the fact that there is no separate heat controller. This Programmable system, though not perfect, works well, and provides plenty of heat so that continuing to ride even in very low temperatures is still enjoyable.

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