Top 10 Motorcycle Reviews for 2022

Number 10: 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Review

2022 yamaha tracer 9 gt riding on mountain road
During our first assessment of the Tracer 9 GT, we found some room for improvement.Joseph Agustin

At the end of March we published our first impressions of the 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT, a sport-touring machine that took the place of FJ-09 in Yamaha’s lineup in 2021. This bike did not disappoint in some key areas, particularly in power delivery with the 890cc inline-three providing ample amounts of torque, great sound, and optimal feel. The 9 GT also comes with semi-active suspension, which we weren’t so fond of in more aggressive riding situations. But for the more restrained rider, the auto adjustments will no doubt be a welcome addition. It has a respectable electronics suite, with all the modern amenities that have become expected of a bike at this price point, and is exceedingly comfortable on the road. While it didn’t knock us out on all fronts, it has plenty going for it, especially for riders who want to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Number 9: 2022 Honda Grom ABS MC Commute Review

2022 honda grom abs parked in front of garage door
The Honda Grom ABS always garners attention.Adam Waheed

Honda’s Grom never fails to spark interest, and our MC Commute Review of the 2022 Grom ABS got enough looks to put it in ninth position on our list. The minibike is extremely easy to ride and for 2022 it got a new five-speed gearbox which improved the acceleration and fuel consumption. The 124cc air-cooled single isn’t a performance beast by any measure, but got us up to 60 mph on level asphalt without issue and provided enough pep to beat most commuters off the line at stoplights. Handling was better than expected and braking components were up to the task. The real appeal of this bike is not its spec sheet, but its simplicity and approachability. It’s a great commuter and can actually work for many different-sized riders. For smaller-framed folks it can even accommodate a passenger. At $3,599 the Grom is a real value proposition, particularly for riders without much storage space in the garage.

Number 8: 2022 Ducati SuperSport 950 S Review

2022 ducati supersport 950 s riding on curvy mountain road
Ducati offers up a more mass-appealing sportbike in the SuperSport 950 S.Joseph Agustin

At number eight on our list, the Ducati SuperSport 950 S. We walked away impressed with the SuperSport after our review back in March. It has a fantastic blend of modern and nostalgic styling elements and performance characteristics that are hard to beat. The 937cc Testastretta L-twin was great in the low- and midrange and the bike handled like a dream thanks to its Öhlins suspension package. It’s an elegant sportbike that excels on surface roads but will also be a blast during the occasional trackday. We did find a few elements that could be improved, such as the TFT display, which was simply too small, and the almost excessive vibration coming out of the powerplant at times, but overall the machine is a total knockout. Especially if you’re a fan of old-school Ducatis.

Number 7: 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 First Ride Review

2022 triumph bonneville t 120 wheeling on country road
The Triumph Bonneville T120 blends retro good looks with remarkable performance.Tim Keeton/Impact Images

Our first impression of the 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 came back in July 2021, which gave it time to rise up to No. 7 on our list. We found the retro classic notably improved with its slight update, with an improved chassis providing better-than-ever handling. Cruise control was another fine addition and enhancements to the engine made the bike more lively overall. There were a few issues, a jerky throttle and heaviness during lower-speed maneuvers for example, but these weren’t near enough for us to give the machine a poor rating overall. Its positives absolutely outweigh any shortcomings, particularly for those of us who appreciate the nostalgic styling and feel of modern classics like the T120.

Number 6: 2023 Vespa GTS 300 Scooter Review

2022 vespa g t s 300 riding on city street
With less than two months on site, the Vespa GTS 300 review became our sixth most popular review of the year.Piaggio Group

OK, so we’re fudging the rules a bit here, but in the two months since its publication our review of the 2023 Vespa GTS 300 has become our sixth most popular review of the year. So we’re giving it its due. The GTS 300 got a full update for the coming model year and we were fortunate enough to test it on the streets of Rome. The 278cc single and CVT automatic transmission were married seamlessly and provided adequate acceleration for any around-town riding. Handling was a breeze and comfort was top-notch. There were some issues however, such as the finish on elements such as the switch gear and TFT display that’s too small to be fully usable while riding. These wouldn’t be major gripes, but for a ride that costs as much as a streetbike, we walked away feeling like a little more attention to detail would go a long way.

Number 5: Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Long-Term Review

2022 yamaha tracer 9 g t riding on mountain road
After a few thousand miles in the saddle, the Tracer 9 GT grew on us.Joseph Agustin

We held on to the Tracer 9 GT for most of the year and found even more to love as we ran up the odometer. The bike’s nimble handling and svelte design (even with hard cases, surprisingly) turned out to be perfect in SoCal traffic. The already-impressive 890cc inline-three never let us down, and creature comforts such as the manually adjustable windscreen, ergonomics, and long duration between service intervals really made the GT shine in a way we didn’t fully appreciate during our first meeting. Of course, for almost $15,000 we continued to find small areas to improve, such as allowing cruise control to engage somewhere before fourth gear, but at the end of the day we were converted. The Tracer 9 GT is worth the investment.

Number 4: Indian Motorcycle Challenger Bagger Review

2022 indian challenger parked on pavement
While the Indian Challenger did feel a little long in the tooth, it didn’t fail to generate audience interest.Basem Wasef

Our Indian Challenger Bagger Review from April proved to be somewhat controversial based on the comment threads, raising its status to the fourth most popular review article of the year. While we did find plenty to praise, from its abundant torque and remarkable high-end power delivery to its very comfortable cockpit, we also found some room for improvement, especially when compared to its American rival. Dated multimedia and lower-spec plastic elements in the fairing rose to the top of our gripe list. We also wondered if the machine is finally starting to show its age since its introduction in 2019. Add to that the ever-rising MSRP and we were left believing a thoughtful update is overdue.

Number 3: 2022 BMW F 900 XR Adventure Sport Review

2022 b m w f 900 x r riding on city street
The BMW F 900 XR is part of a wave of sub-1,000cc adventure sport machines now available.Joseph Agustin

Even though BMW didn’t give its F 900 XR any major updates for 2022, our assessment of the machine still managed to garner enough interest to make it our third most viewed review of the year. Perhaps that speaks to the broader popularity of the sub-1,000cc adventure sport segment, or perhaps BMW has nailed it with the F 900 XR. It certainly is a compelling machine, offering plenty of fun from the 895cc parallel twin, superb handling, comfortable ergonomics, and a well-executed electronics package (on the premium version we tested). With the extra bells and whistles added it comes out to just about the same MSRP as the Tracer 9 GT, and will cost a bit more if you decide to add on saddlebags. Still, it’s a refined package that makes a strong case for itself on the road, particularly when the riding pace is elevated.

Number 2: Can-Am Spyder RT Limited MC Commute Review

2022 can am spyder r t limited parked on driveway
The ever-controversial Can-Am Spyder RT Limited.Joseph Agustin

Our review of the Can-Am Spyder RT Limited from May became our second-most popular article of the year. The always-controversial Spyder didn’t fail to elicit a range of responses from readers, though whether you believe this three-wheeled machine is or is not a true motorcycle, the RT Limited showed its value in a number of ways. The ergos and cockpit are extraordinarily comfortable, for one thing, along with fantastic ride quality at a relaxed pace. Of course, it’s not a sport machine by any measure, with handling feeling a bit nervous due to an oversensitive power steering system and an ATV-like feel from the bars. But at the end of the day that’s not the point with this platform. These machines are made to appeal to easygoing touring riders, riders with limited mobility, and riders who want the feel of the open air with the stability of a low-slung, three-wheel machine. As far as we’re concerned, there’s plenty of room at the table for a ride like the Spyder.

Number 1: 2022 Triumph Speed Twin Review

2022 triumph speed twin riding on coastal highway
Our most popular review of the year, courtesy of the Triumph Speed Twin.Joseph Agustin

Our assessment of the 2022 Triumph Speed Twin tops the list of bike reviews as our most popular write-up of the year. Readers were split on the Speed Twin’s overall appeal, with many loving the machine for its nostalgic look and polished performance. However, the $12,500 price tag proved too much considering the bike lacks adjustable suspension, LED lighting, and its 476-pound claimed curb weight. Our feel on the road found the 1,200cc parallel twin right at home in the well-proportioned chassis, providing a fantastic aural experience. And even the suspension package performed remarkably well in higher-speed corners, despite its lack of adjustability. Braking hardware was up to the task of shaving speed in a reliable and precise way. A solid machine all around with only a few areas that came up short, though even these areas do not detract from the mass appeal of this striking modern classic.

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