Gear Review: Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

A solid choice for both the daily commuter and the ardent adventurer.

Kriega is a well-known name in the world of motorcycle luggage, providing a great balance of design and functionality. With a strong emphasis on quality, the company guarantees that your essentials are safely and neatly stowed. Kriega’s luggage collection caters to a variety of motorcycle disciplines, such as street riding, long-distance touring, and off-road adventures.

Among the several backpacks available, the Kriega Trail 18 sticks out as particularly fascinating. Its strong and identifiable style gives it a gritty, urban appearance that draws attention. This backpack, designed with adventure in mind, is a good choice for both everyday commuting and long touring, while also fitting occasional off-road trips. Its charm has fascinated me for quite some time, encouraging me to decide to add it in my own collection.

Premium build quality

The Trail 18 features a high-end design that’s all about adventure. It conveys a sense of utilitarianism and versatility, from its appearance to its structure, and feels like a premium and expensive rucksack. Meticulously built, every detail is well-built, delivering a well-put-together product in every way. Notably, the emphasis on ergonomics distinguishes this bag.

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